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EasyMove is the best way to rent a car in Russia, Saint Petersburg.

We are glad to offer you a cheap car hire service. EasyMove is one of the biggest and fast growing transport companies in Saint Petersburg Russia. The main field of our company is to provide cars with driver In Saint Petersburg Russia, mostly buses and minivans.

We also have a variety of cars such as Mercedes E-class, S-class or Economy-class. So we are glad to offer a VIP taxi for you and private tours in Saint Petersburg as well. If you go to Saint Petersburg, our driver could pick you in airport. The shuttle service “door-to-door” is extremely popular like excursions in Saint Petersburg. We provide all the services to make your trip. Lets visit Saint Petersburg with EasyMove!

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сен 15, 2016
Kronstadt is a district of St. Petersburg, located on Kotlin Island in the Gulf of Finland. City of Kronstadt was founded in 1704 and is one of the most well-known small and medium-sized historic cities in the country and has an outstanding historical and cultural heritage. Its history is inextricably linked with Peter I.  The historical part of Kronstadt Kronstadt fortress and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the object Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and related complexes of monuments. In Kronstadt, more than 300 monuments of history, culture and art. Unique hydraulic and defensive structures, beautiful buildings and ensembles, such as the fort Kronshlot complex Gubernia houses of the early 18th century, the world's first Canal-Dock Peter the First, a sample of the military camp of the 18th century, the Naval Cathedral of the early 20th century, the construction of which used techniques construction of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, and other monuments attract the attention of many tourists. EasyMove Company invites everyone to visit this unique city. Rent minibuses Mercedes SPRINTER on 16 and 20 seats, minivans Mercedes VIANO and Mercedes VITO for 4-7 of seats, buses YUTONG with 35 seats and HIGER on 47 seats. For smaller companies, and romantic walks we offer for rent Mercedes E-class, Mercedes S-class, Mercedes-Myubah, Mercedes Gl, Audi A8.
сен 7, 2016
You can not just pick up and close the fountains in Peterhof. Each year, the ceremony was converted to the idea that the transition days for winter mode of turned into a real celebration. This time, the organizers have prepared in the Lower Park is something special and the promise that the show in the first half of September will exceed all expectations. Of courseby tradition, you will find a fascinating show of fountains, but apart from his theatrical performances will be held at Peterhof, costumed performances and musical performances under the title "The Soviet Hollywood." At the end of the sky over this amazing place explode salute of thousands of bursts. To see the beauty of your eyes can be anyone, and we will help you get to Peterhof from anywhere in the city! Hurry to book a car with a driver, because left quite a little time. Rent minibuses Mercedes Sprinter 16-20 seats, minivans Mercedes VIANO or Mercedes VITO for 4-7 seats, comfortable buses Yutong 35 seats and HIGER on 47 seats on the HIGER.

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Can I agree with my driver about renting a car for the next day?

No, you cannot. Please call our reservation office to place any orders. When you agree with your driver regarding another trip, we cannot guarantee 100% that your car will be there when you need it.

We plan to go to Vyborg, what will our charges be?

Vyborg is 140 km away from St. Petersburg. Your rates will be as follows: time in hours * per hour rate * 140 km * 2. The charges for each trip are calculated individually with every customer.

What do I do if the driver does not meet me at the airport or the train station?

When you arrive in St. Petersburg, expect your driver to meet you in the arrivals terminal with a sign that had been agreed on beforehand. If you don't see your driver, please call the dispatcher number that you will be given. Our dispatcher is on call 24 hours a day, and he or she will arrange a way for you to contact your driver.

What do I do if the vehicle I rented should break en route?

Regretfully, although such cases are rare, they still happen. Our cars, minivans and buses are maintained in good technical conditions. Any vehicle malfunction is usually due to manufacturing defects or a traffic accident. In this case we will immediately send a replacement vehicle, usually within one hour. We will not charge you any additional expenses and complete the entire program as scheduled for your car, minivan or bus.

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Basic directions of operation of "EasyMove" company:

Rental of cars with drivers, rental of cars for wedding parties in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, VIP taxi in St. Petersburg for business meetings, negotiations, reception of delegations in St. Petersburg, wedding motorcades or vans for wedding parties in Petersburg, Mercedes rental (Mercedes W221), order and rental of vans. 

EasyMove also offers shuttles for employees and personnel, official shuttles in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, special offers for corporate clients. 

We are sure that your wedding can do without a limousine or expensive VIP car for a groom with his bride and we also offer you to rent a van for your guests! 

We are happy to offer you rental of comfortable Mercedes vans with 6 to 20 passengers capacity. 
As for the corporate clients, we are ready to provide vans and buses for delivery of the personnel from the underground station to their place of work and vice versa. 

We are ready to offer a flexible discount system and special proposals during signing of contracts for long-term rental of passenger vans. 
EasyMove offers high level of transport services and modern park of cars and vans for rent.

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